At the seaside in Romagna
the family vacation
becomes more chic!

Themed dinners

The pleasure of eating well

Here in Romagna, the pleasure of good food spices up the taste of a real vacation. Even better if shared with the company of many new friends.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss our themed dinners.

Here are our themed dinners:

On Mondays, it’s

Spanish dinner with seafood paella and sangria

With a pleasant exotic touch, this is one of the most loved dinners!

On Wednesdays, it’s

Bluefish Dinner

In the Romagna Riviera, it’s a must and couldn’t be missing from our menu especially because it’s enriched with the fresh taste of our sea.

On Fridays, it’s

Typical Romagna Dinner

The most characteristic dinner, where homemade pasta and piadina reign, accompanied by an extensive buffet of the best local dishes.

What about you? What theme would you like to experience?