Foto Hotel Krone Lido di Classe (RA)
Foto Hotel Krone Lido di Classe (RA)
Foto Hotel Krone Lido di Classe (RA)
Foto Hotel Krone Lido di Classe (RA)
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Mirabilandia Park

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At just 5 kilometres from the hotel there is Mirabilandia, the most famous fun park in Emilia Romagna, where the endless attractions will be enjoyed by all the family. There are 750,000 square metres of games and attractions, in surreal, fantastic and adventurous settings, such as the Big Panoramic Wheel, the highest in Europe.


Exclusive advantages only with our ticket:

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  • You can enter directly to the park
  • Discount also for Mirabilandia Beach
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Mirabilandia, an unforgettable amusement park

At Mirabilandia no lover of adventure should miss Katun, Columbia and Discovery that will take your breath away as you’re taken to a height of 100 metres in just a few seconds. As a family you can enjoy games recalling surreal events and faraway worlds, such as Reset where you become a hero for a day when you rescue the city of New York from a catastrophe.


Or you can defend yourself from Raratonga and from his volcano, by knocking down the totem poles before the other ships arrive, or you can dive from a height of 27 metres at a speed of over 70 km an hour with Niagara, the highest attraction in Europe.


There is a wide variety of games for the little ones, like Pakal and the roller-coaster, or spinning round in the Enchanted Saucepans, or the rapids of the Rio Bravo. And for the daring ones there’s a haunted city – mysterious forces will prevent them from leaving Ghostville.
Mirabilandia, a short way from the real beach, could not but dedicate a whole area to the sea. It has created a make-believe tropical island of white sand surrounded by crystal-clear water where the Mirabilandia Beach games and attractions are bound to entertain you. But the adventures don’t finish here even. There is still more fun and enjoyment to be had at the performances and shows, where dance, music, acrobatic dives and animation provide an unforgettable experience.